Apr 122011

Sometime back I did a series of posts to see how much gold that I could accumulate in 30 days. The goal was to exceed 1k, which is pretty easy, and I ended up with about 6.5k, which I didn’t think was horrible. I’m like 10% of the average…

It’s couch change. I feel crushed and I will have to do it again, maybe after some serious gemming for Int.

From the Massive Gold Blueprint forums:

Gold Speed Run is a unique event in WoW, open to all members of the MGB community. The fifth edition, GSR5, began on Friday February 18th 2011, and continued through the end of the day on Saturday March 19th.

Congratulations to the winners…

  • Single Faction Challenge: Khrazer, playing Horde side on Wyrmrest Accord US, he accumulated a fantastic total of 299,420 gold
  • Cross Faction Challenge: Purebusiness, playing on Wildhammer EU, and racking up an astonishing total of 359,313 gold acquired

Some stats to ponder:

  • 2,811,674 – total gold acquired by all challengers in 30 days
  • 11 – the number of challengers breaking the 100k mark
  • 63,901 – average gold earned per challenger
  • 1096 – the number of Speed Run V posts by challengers in the Blueprint Forum

What is a Gold Speed Run? All challengers declare their entries to participate in either the Single Faction Challenge, or the Cross Faction Challenge, on a new server where they don’t currently have any toons. You roll new characters on the chosen server, and the race is on… to accumulate as much gold as possible by the end of the 30-day event.


By the way, that’s March of 2011 that they did this. Also, there’s lots of “how the heck did they DO that???” info in the forums, but you have to be a member to get the scoop.

Now… where did I leave those Int gems…

Oct 032010
  • Misc sales for 61g

I’ll take a look around for great deals, but mostly I’ll just post what’s left in my inventory. I’m at 6,273 gold now, so maybe I’ll hit 6,500 by the end of the day.

A lit later:

  • Schematic: White Smoke Flair, 24g
  • 4 stacks iron bars, 28g
  • Glyph of Haunt, 28g
  • Misc stuff

6355 gold

Sold some stuff …

  • Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew, 17g
  • 5 stack medium leather, 9.5g each
  • 3 stacks of Mark of Kil’jeaden, 18g each
  • 3 stacks of 3 Large Radiant Shard, 37g each
  • heavy leather, 22g
  • Copper rod, 5g

totals: 6632 gold in pocket, 12, 484 total on the stats pane.

But I’m a noob, which is obvious., Brenfew had over 68k total earned, VekTor had just under 88,000 earned, and the average gold earned from 32 speed runners was 23k. Lots of details are posted in the MWG forums. Join here, then check it out.

The end

Oct 022010

OK, it’s the weekend. This post and tomorrow’s and I can stop writing these, which no one’s reading anyway. No prob, I’ll just call it my own personal gold log (Glog?)

Ok, here’s what’s in the in-box this morning:

  • 2 stacks wool cloth sold, 18g each, gathered and won on very low bid.
  • Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew, 17g
  • Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omlet: 3.4g
  • Knothide leather, 11g, won on bid for 2g
  • Design:Blazing Citrine Ring, 11g
  • Adamantite ore 27.7,

That leaves me with 5935 gold in pocket. So then I bought a few things.

A bit later…

  • Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew, sold for 17g
  • 3 Stacks netherweave cloth, 8g each
  • Large fang, 3.3g
  • Misc sales
  • Recipe: Soothing Turtle Bisque: 3.2g
  • Recipe: Roast raptor, 3.6g
  • Recipe: Curiously tasty omlet, 18.8g
  • 4 stacks medium leather, 11g each
  • 2 Greater Planer Essence, 14g (bought for 6)

6028 gold. Woot.

A bit later:

  • Recipe: Carrion Surprise, 19g
  • 2 stacks Mageweave cloth, 18.7g each
  • Various Glyphs, about 118g total
  • misc sales

6212 gold in pocket

Oct 012010

Ok, I have a couple of days here and the weekend is coming up. Let’s see if I can hit 6k gold.

Highest level toon is 32 and I haven’t been playing that one much, recently. I don’t have an army of alts grinding away or running around the cities, looking for stuff.

The point, of course, is that this is something anyone can do and everything that I’m doing here can be done in 4.0 and Cataclysm.

106 gold in the inbox

  • Mountain Silversage, 10g
  • 3 stacks of Iron Bars, almost 30g each
  • Dream dust, 6.5g

Bought some stuff, down to 4995 gold. Back later

  • Dumping some Thorium bars and ore. Thought the price would bounce, but I’m tired of waiting. about 45g, a small loss. I’m not sure that market moves well enough to justify buying up the lower priced stuff. I’ll look again if someone posts far below the current price.
  • Glyph of Death and Decay, bought for 7, sold for 75g.
  • Silver Ore, 17g, bought at 8
  • Schematic: Goblin Jumper Cables: 10g
  • 4 stacks linen cloth, 29g, bought at About 11
  • 5 stacks of three Large Prismatic Shard, 14g each
  • Design: Ruby Crown of Restoration: 7.9g
  • Design: Opal Necklace of Impact, 5.3g
  • Design: Heavy Iron Knuckles, 9.5g
  • Copper Rod, 6.6g, bought at 1s
  • Adamantine Ore, 35g, bought at 25g

5377g, then I bought some stuff. Back later.


  • tin bar, 5g, bought at 2g
  • 6 stacks purple lotus, about 130g. about 2.4g per herb, bought pieces from 75s to 1.9g each
  • 4 Mithril bars, 9.6g, bought at 5g
  • 2 stacks mageweave cloth, 18.7g each, bought at 8g each
  • 2 stack linen cloth, 8.5g each, that’s about 43s per peice, bought at 8 to 15s per piece.
  • Golden Samsan, 11.3g, prettymuch break even
  • Glyph of Immolate, 33.4g, bought at 14g
  • Furious Crawdad, 10.5g, bought at 7g
  • 2 stacks copper ore, 7.5g each, bought at 3.5 each
  • Won 5 Glyph of Heroic Strike on bid for 1.5 silver each
  • Won 3 Glyph of Healthstone on bid, for 1.5 silver each
  • Won 3 Glyph of Flash heal on bid, for 1.6 silver each
  • Won 10 Ancient Lichen on bid, about 10 silver each
  • Won 9 Felweed on bid, 7.9 silver each
  • Won 9 Knothide Leather on bid, 21.9 silver each
  • Won 3 stacks Netherweave cloth on bid. 2.8g per stack

5584 gold in pocket.

  • Sold Gloden Sansam for about 24g,
  • Sold Glyph of Pestilence for 57g
  • Sold Felweed for 8.4g
  • Sold Ancient Lichen for 16.6g
  • 4 stacks of 3 each Large Prismatic Shard, 34g per stack

5820 gold

Sep 302010

If you’re the type who keeps track of such things you might want to keep an eye on certain items and what the 4.0 & Cataclysm launches will do to the prices of those items. For example, if you’re farming some item that’s only found in one area and if that area will be completely changed when Cat. hits, will that item still be available? Certain whelps, just to pick one.

OK, 235 gold in the mail this morning.Haven’t decided yet if I’ll start dumping stuff to pump my stats a bit, then start “fresh” on day 31. Probably will. I’ll probably also park an alt at the Darkmoon Faire and see what I can grab from their vendors.

  • Raptor flesh, 23,9g
  • Iron bar, 29.9g
  • Glyphs of the ghoul, Judgement, Mortal Strike, Immolate, and Eviscerate. about 127g there.

4963 gold in pocket, just over 10k on the stats pane. Time to buy some stuff

4852 gold after buying some stuff.

Back later.

  • Heavy Leather, 29.6g
  • Glyph of Immolate, 33.2g
  • Bear meat, 3.9g
  • Greater Planer Essence, 12.2g
  • Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth, 14.2g
  • Glyph of Judgement, 29g
  • Glyph of Immolate, 33g

5019 gold in pocket.

  • Mark of Kil’jaeden, 28g
  • Various glyphs, about 165g total

5235 gold

Day 26, Get More Gold

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Sep 302010

Only a couple of sales this morning. 4592 gold in pocket.

Posted some stuff and came back later to check for sales.

  • Mark of Sargeras, 28.3 per stack of 30, bought at about 40% of that.
  • 2 Glyphs of Consecration, for 23.2g each, bought at 4 each
  • Black Kingsnake for 5.5g, bought for a few silver

4605 gold in pocket.

A little later:

  • Recipe: Shadow Protection Potion, 9.5g
  • Mark of Sargeras, 12g
  • 5 stacks light leather, 3.8g each
  • 3 stacks iron bars, 19.2 each
  • Glyph of Horn of Winter, 37g
  • Black Kingsnake, 5.5g

4742 gold in pocket.

Sep 282010

Opened up the inbox to see 208 gold

  • Those 6 stacks of Bronze Bars sold, for 17.2g each
  • 4 stacks copper ore, for 8.4g each
  • fadeleaf, won on bid for 4.5g, sold for 18.5g
  • 2 fel armament, bought for 14 total, sold for 28
  • 3 silver bar, bought for 3g, sold for 8.4
  • turtle meat, 1 stack, bought at 2g, sold for 9.6

4352 gold in pocket. Back later…  Company will be heading out today, so I’ll have more time.


  • 7 Silver ore, bought for 9, sold for 26.3
  • 7 stacks light leather, 4.7g per stack
  • 12 Large Prismatic Shard, 56.5g total, bought for 3 to 4g each.
  • 1 stack Furious Crawdad, 24g

Bought some herbs and stuff. Back later.

Back… Picked up some recipes

  • Sold Rugged Leather, bought at 12, sold at 19
  • Sold Raptor Flesh
  • Sold Iron Ore, 10 pieces, bought at 10g, sold at 18
  • Sold 2 stacks of 3 Large Prismatic Shards for 22.7g per stack
  • Medium hide for 4.8g
  • 7 stacks linen cloth at 2.8g per stack
  • Large fangs for almost 19g
  • Glyph of Mortal Strike, 32g
  • Glyph of Judgement, 66.5g
  • Glyph of Horn of Winter, 66.5g
  • Glyph of Charge, 13.8g

4568 gold in pocket. Good night.

Sep 272010

Only about 125 gold in sales this morning, mainly through various enchanting dusts. Spent it immediately buying stuff, so I’m just under 4k gold at this point.

Here’s the results from the pros. As you can see, I’m just a newb at this.:

32 challengers…

The total gold accumulation of 745,369 Gold, or an average of 23,292g per challenger, was quite amazing. Can we hit 1 million gold next time?

Nice when you have a few auction up, stuff sells.

  • Zesty clam meat, sold for 19.5g
  • Raw sunscale Salmon, sold for 20.4g
  • Raptor Egg, 11g
  • Lion Meat, 9.5g
  • 3 stacks Furious Crawdad, sold for 18g per stack
  • 1 stack of Arcane Dust, sold for 19g

4147 gold

  • Khorium Ore, bought 3 for 17.7g, sold for 91.5g
  • Some misc sales

Bought some stuff to post, based on my Auctionator shopping lists. They seemed to have some potential.

  • 3 SIlver bars, paid 1g each, posting at 2.95g each
  • Silver ore, 7 pieces, paid 9g, posting at 27.6g
  • Bronze bars, 6 stacks, 4g each, posting at 18g each
  • copper ore, 4 stacks, about 4.5g each, posting at 9g each
  • Thorium Bars, 29 of ‘em, paid 43s to 80s per bar, saving for a higher price
  • Thorium Ore, 1 stack, paid 12.5g, saving for later
  • 6 Tin bars, paid 2g, posting at 8.4g
  • 2 Large fangs, 1.75g each, posting at 3.95g each

4144 gold in pocket, stats say 8955 total gold earned

Ok, so next time I do this I have to hit at least 24k in 30 days. (By the way, that’s a gold earned stat, not necessarily gold in pocket.) Still, it’s ain’t bad for starting from scratch. Here’s the link if you want to become a member and see how the experts do it. The second place guy, VekTor, had ten times my “total earned” amount at the end, but he’s just unreal. He also spills all the beans on how he did it.

It’s Day 23

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Sep 262010

It’s day 23 and it’s starting a bit slow. Out of town company is still around, but no one is awake, yet., so I can buy some stuff.

If I was going to do this right I’d have alts in certain areas to allow for easy grabbing of limited items. Possibly for easy gathering of some items. A 2nd account would allow for cross-faction trading. For example, buy X for cheap on the Alliance side, sell it for a lot more on the Horde side, and visa versa. That requires characters at the neutral auction houses and some way to keep others from swiping your auctions.

It’d be nice to have a character in Dalaran, but it’s awkward to get there when you’re level 1. I might try it, though…  There are some things you can do in Dal.

Ok, only a couple of things sold:

  • Titanium bar, 32.8g
  • Recipe: Crispy Lizard tail, 9.5g
  • misc other stuff for about 56 gold total, breaking 4k gold. Stats show 8,400 earned to date.

Onward, let’s see what I can buy:

  • Looks like no one in interested in Slippery Eel. It’s a food that buffs Defense. I’ve tried posting it several times and gotten zero interest, so I’ll just vendor it, take the hit, and get it out of my inventory.
  • Bought 16 Large Prismatic Shards for about 3g each. Selling at 4.95 each
  • Stack of Furious Crawdad for about 4.5g
  • Couple stacks for Raptor Flesh

Ok, back later, the Alliance is killing the Auctioneers.

Sep 252010

One of the things I like about the Massive Gold Blueprint is that the author regularly adds new videos addressing how to profit from the coming 4.0 & Cataclysm expansion. There should be some very nice opportunities. Glyphs should be good again, for awhile, since there will now be Prime, Major, and Minor Glyphs.

I expect the glyph system will be kicked around a bit, but once it settles it might be worth the effort to dust off your inscription skills, pay a visit to the trainer, and get back to work. People will be experimenting with any new glyphs that appear for a while and filling out their dual builds. Eventually it will settle down, but I expect to get back to the gold cap on a couple of servers. Of course, herbs & inks will still be expensive so you might want to start stocking up if you see good deals.There’s on opportunity there for herbalists. All the new inscription work should dry up the herb supply.

The new Reforging system might make crafting interesting is some ways. Take a junk item, merge it with a crafted item, and sell the result. Assuming that reforging doesn’t soul-bind the thing. The patch notes don’t say, one way or the other.

All the stuff I’m doing with this gold run should remain evergreen. The exact items may change, and new ones will certainly appear, but the technique will be the same. Also, keep in mind that old world items (leathers, herbs, etc.) still sell well. People still have to level their crafts and some make mid-level items that sell well, so will be repeat buyers.

Since the whole world will be rebuilt I think we’re in for interesting times.

  • Sold a big pile (10 stacks) of Knothide leather scraps (yeah, scraps sell at the right price.) If they’re low enough, and your leatherworking is high enough, you can buy the cheap scraps, make the leather, and sell at a profit.
  • Sold some Furious Crawdad
  • What’s with all this “sell lots of stuff in stacks of 1″ nonsense? It’s ok for glyphs, but skins? Dusts? Other stackables? Auctionator makes it easy to buy these, but I’ll bet these people are losing sales compared to selling the same stuff in useful stacks.
  • How big a stack? Check mats on Thottbot.com and see which stack sizes are most commonly used for crafting particular items. For example, if you need 6 Magic Crystal Whatevers to make the commonly used  really nice enchant then sell your whatevers in stacks of six. Sell your herbs in stacks of multiples of five (20 is better) for scribes.
  • Misc other sales.

Buying stuff: bought various dusts and some this and that. Not everything  that I by actually sells. I’ve bought glyphs for 4-5g that will probably be dumped for a lot less. Same for enchanting dusts and other items. You have to take your best guestimate and go from there.

After buying stuff I have 3412 gold in pocket, 7826 earned on the stats page.

Later: Sold some stuff

  • large fangs, 22.7g, gathered and some bought at 45s each
  • 5 stacks Illusion Dust at 36 to 38g per stack, bought at 20 to 28 per stack
  • Glyph of the Ghoul, 32g, bought at 5g
  • Glyph of Immolate, 37g, bought at 5g
  • Glyph of Conflagrate, 37g, bought at 5g
  • Glyph of charge, 24g, bought at 5g
  • Bear meat, 16.5g, bought for 1.7g

3786 gold


  • Illusion dust sold for 63 gold
  • 5 Fel Armament sold for 71g, bought for about 20g

3947 gold

at the beginning of each script and the