May 312011

So you can now waste money on purchase another mount from the blizzard store. It looks like a lion with it’s head on fire… kinda.
Update: It also has a beard so I guess it’s not all bad.

ugly lion

Looks like one of the ugliest mounts yet to me, so I bet we’ll be seeing them all over Orgrimmar and Stormwind soon enough.

click “read more” for more pictures.

ugly lion 2

  2 Responses to “New Winged Guardian Mount for $25”

  1. I’m sure the only reason this mount has got this reaction is because you have to pay for it with real money which instantly makes it a “newb flag” as you have so tagged it. I’m sure if you didn’t have to pay for it many players would be after it. And no, I don’t have this mount.

  2. It’s so ugly Forsaken get it for free because no one else will go near them. Maybe it’s just the color scheme. Maybe it’s just hideous. Who’s to say? It is also without context within the game so it’s this *thing* just plopped in to generate cash, and it bears the scars of said birth.

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