Jul 212010

I read a comment that says the Ruby Sanctum is too easy.

So what makes a raid interesting and what would make it more interesting for the largest group possible?

You have the pro raiders, with the top gear, and the highly practiced skills who will have one view and then you have the casual raiders who probably have a very different point of view.

Is an instance interesting just because it’s hard? Or there’s an interesting set of loot?

So how to improve it, for the largest group of players?

Should raids require completing A, B, and C before entering D? Should one be able to skip A, B, and C if the group just want’s to do D?

What makes the fight(s) interesting, in your view?

What makes a raid worth doing several times? Such that you might say, “cool,” rather than, “Oh D***, not THAT old thing again…”

Comments? Or should I make up (steal from elsewhere) a few comments and post those? ;)

  2 Responses to “What Makes a Raid Interesting?”

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  2. I think raids are interesting because of the feeling of teamwork or because it’s an incarnation of the old saying ” Together we can bring down giants ! ” . I also enjoy the synergy in play , how an organized party is greater than the sum of its parts.

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